1. Licensee acknowledges that, Cadimage Productions is first and sole owner of all “copyright” of all “Images”, and that CADimage shall remain the sole owner of any and all “Images” or any and all material used or to be used in relation to production or reproduction of said “Images”, as well as all copyright therein.
2. “Image(s)” refers to and includes all original photographic and video works or any part thereof created by Cadimage, used or intended to be used for, Internet, broadcasting, printing or reproducing copies of the original.
3. Cadimage is entitled to use all “Images” for self-promotional purposes or to enter into any contest.
4. Rights to use the “Images” are tendered by invoice and are granted only upon payment of that invoice. Upon default, the Licensee shall be deemed cancelled by operation of law.
5. Licensee may not assign, transfer or resell this License or any part thereof, nor sell any forms of “Images” or copies of digital files produced by Cadimage, unless authorized in writing by Cadimage. Upon default, the Licensee shall be deemed cancelled by operation of law.
6. No modifications, changes or alterations may be made on any “Images” or any part thereof, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent by Cadimage.
7. After 90 days of final production, Cadimage will not be responsible for any Post Production materials such as photo and/or video digital files. A fee will be charged for archival retrieval of such digital files.
8. The presence of the Licensee or its representative during Production Sessions shall be Licensee’s sole responsibility. In the event that no such representative is present, the Photographs or Videos shall be deemed accepted by Licensee as taken by Cadimage, and in the proper correspondence of the production work requested.
9. Should Licensee choose to cancel a scheduled Production, Licensee agrees to pay all production costs incurred at the time of cancellation. In addition, Licensee agrees to pay any “production fees” under the following conditions: 25% of fees if notice is received 48 hrs prior to session / 50% for 24 hours prior notice / 100% for cancellation the same day.
10. Licensee acknowledges having read and understood all terms and conditions contained in the present agreement.
11. Rights to use the “Images” are limited to that specified in the *Licensing Agreement Section of your Contract/Invoice.